We all love our pets. Although sometimes we do not love the things that they get into and how they behave. That is why boundaries need to be set. An invisible fence can aid in setting those boundaries, both indoors and outdoors, so that our love can thrive and harm and bad behavior does not.

The Outdoor Solution

Having an outdoor invisible fence installed is simple and easy. It is also quite cost effective. An invisible wire is run around where the boundaries are to be. This wire is then marked with flags to tell the pet owner where the pet fence is.

The dog is then shown where his or her boundaries are, and will hear a tone if they approach it. In the more severe cases where the dog does not turn around, a slight shock will be delivered through the collar.

The invisible fence offers the pet owner the peace of mind that their beloved dog will not wander off, get hit by a car, or get into sheds or pools where they can be harmed. A simple assessment is all that is needed to get the fence installed, and it is far less cumbersome that the traditional fence products.

Indoor Options

As the demand for the outdoor invisible fence has grown, the company now has an indoor solution to curbing pet behavior as well. The indoor fencing is gained through the placement of a transmitter. This transmitter will form a 2 foot to 12 foot barrier.

This means the end of doggie gates and other unsightly barriers that detract from the home's beauty. It also means no more trash can mishaps or torn up shoes, trashed rooms, or dog must on sofas.

The invisible dog fence professionals an come to your home and aid with all of your concerns and needs.